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Length Calculation of a Cone of Sewing Thread

Length Calculation of a Cone of Sewing Thread
S. M. Hossen Uzzal
Production Officer
Monno Fabrics Ltd., Manikgonj


Sewing thread is a ply yarn. Ply yarns are produced by twisting two or more singles yarns together. This increases the strength of the yarn. The singles yarns may be of equal or different count and they may be twisted together in one or several stages. Yarns of different count are twisted together in fancy yarns, for instance.
Sewing thread in cone form
If you want to calculate sewing thread of a cone then you have to must read this article “Different Formula for Yarn Count Calculation”.

Length calculation of a cone of sewing thread :
Example1: What length of yarn is contained in 95 gm of a yarn of Ne 50/2?


We know that,
                                                    L × w
Ne (Indirect system) = ………………………………..
                                                    W × l

                          Ne × l × W
Or, L = …………………………… ………..(1)

  • Ne = 50/2 = 25
  • W = 95 gm
  • W = 1 lb = 453.6 gm
  • l = 840 yds = 840 × 0.91 m
From Equation …..(1)

L = (25 × 840 × 0.91 × 95)/ 453

L = 4002.31 m (ANS)

From the above calculation, the formula can be developed to calculate the length of sewing thread from a cone as follows:

For Ne (Indirect System): 

L = (NR x W) x (840 x 0.9144) / 453.6

Or, L =(NR x W) x 1.6933

  • L = Length of the yarn in metre(m)
  • NR =Resultant or ply count of yarn in Ne system
  • W =Weight Of the Yarn in gram(gm)   
  • 1.6933=Constant value (Only for Ne system)
For Nm (Direct system): 

L= (NR x W)x 1000 / 1000

Or, L=(NR x W)

  • L = Length of the yarn in metre(m)
  • NR = Resultant or ply count of yarn
  • W = Weight of the yarn in gram (gm)

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