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Carton Measurement for Exporting Garment

Carton Measurement for Exporting Garment
Mayedul Islam
Merchandiser at Fashion Xpress Buying House.
Badda, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Carton Measurement:
The accessories which are used for garment packing during garment shipment to buyer are called packing accessories. There are various types of packing accessories which are used from garmentmanufacturing to shipment process. Among them carton is very important.
Carton Measurement
Packing should be varying (as per buyer garment packing instruction) in different orders as per instruction of buyer garments packing. The number of carton is high ply number it is very much it is hard and strong. The sea frights depend on dimension of the export carton and the air frights depend on dimension of the export carton or gross weight of the carton. Basically carton measurement uses for different types of container. Two Types of Container are used for international goods transport. One of 20 Ft container and 40 Ft container.

Carton Measurement for Exporting Garment:

                      (l+w) (w+h) x 2 in cm
Formula (1) = ………………………….. (without wastage)
                              100 x100

Formula (2) = (l+w+6) x (w+h+4) x 2/10000 (include wastage)

            (l+w) (w+h) x 2 x rate per square meter
Price = ………………………………………..
                                 100 x 100

= rate/pc

Example, here, l = 54cm, w = 33cm, h = 18cm,

From (2) = (54+33+6) X (33+18+2) X2/10000

= 0.99 Square Meter.

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