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Chemical Formula of Common Chemicals Used in Textile Dyeing

Chemical Formula of Common Chemicals Used in Textile Dyeing
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Textile Dyeing
Textile dyeing is a combination of some series processes such as scouring, bleaching, dyeing and after treatment which can be carried out at different stages of fiber processing in different forms like staple, yarn, fabric etc. In dyeing process lots of chemicals require. To become a successful dyeing engineer or dyeing master you should know some chemical formula which are widely used in different stages of dyeing.

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Chemical Name and Their Formula:
  1. Water = H2O
  2. Hydrochloric Acid = HCl
  3. Sulfuric Acid = H2SO4
  4. Phosphoric Acid = H3PO4
  5. Sodium Chloride (common salt) = NaCl
  6. Sodium Carbonate = Na2CO3
  7. Sodium Sulfate (Glauber salt) = Na2SO4
  8. Sodium Bicarbonate = NaHCO3
  9. Sodium Hydroxide = NaOH
  10. Potassium Hydroxide = KOH
  11. Sulfur Dioxide = SO2
  12. Trisodium Phosphate = Na3PO4
  13. Benzene = C6H6
  14. Acetic Acid = CH3COOH
  15. Oxalic Acid = (COOH)2
  16. Cellulose = C6H10O5
  17. Starch = C6H10O5
  18. Hydroz (Sodium Hydrosulfite) = Na2S2O4