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How to Calculate the Nep Count from Card Web

How to Calculate the Nep Count from Card Web
S. M. Hossen Uzzal
Production Officer
Monno Fabrics Ltd., Manikgonj

Nep Count:
Nep count is the number of neps per 100 square inch of card web forming a standard hank of sliver of 0.12 Ne on a 40 inch wide card.
nep count
To calculate nep count, at first a web is collected from the card and placed on a 10 inch X 10 inch black board. Then the neps are counted and the number of neps found is corrected for any difference in hank or cord width. Nep count is generally expressed by n.

Mathematically, n = m X 100

Where, m = No of neps per inch 2 card web

A 42” wide card web of multiplying 100 of the mean value per square inch. Calculate the nep count of that card web.


Nep count, n = m X 100 = 0.13 X 100 = 13 (ANS)

4 kilotex is produced from a web of card width 38” after testing 5 cells web formed to contain nep. Calculate nep count.


Sliver hank = 4 Ktex = 590.6/4000 Ne = 0.14765 Ne

Card width = 38”

No. of cells = x = 5

       log10N - log10 (N-x)
m = ………………………..
                 log10 e

    log10 34 - log10 (34-5) 
= …………………………….
               log10 e

= 0.159

Nep count, n = m X 100 = 0.159 X 100 = 15.90 (ANS)