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Thread Consumption of Garments

Thread Consumption of Garments
Noor Ahmed Raaz
Asst. Merchandiser
A.M.C.S Textile Ltd

Thread Consumption:
Sewing thread consumption is very important for the garments costing. Sewing thread is required for seam sewing/assembling, overlocking, various types of stitching, buttonholing, label attachment etc. Clear conception in sewing thread consumption calculation of garments is essential for a merchandiser to estimate the total number of cones required for a specific order and to purchase the sewing thread accordingly. There are some ways people may generally use to calculate the amount of thread in a seam and hence the thread consumption of garments· 
Thread Consumption of Garments
Thread consumption for a garments depends on many factors. Likes-
  1. Stitch Classes,
  2. Stitches per inches (SPI)
  3. Fabric thickness
  4. Thread tension
  5. Thread count (thickness of sewing thread)
Thread Consumption formula, = M×SQ×TPI×P

M= Measurement.
SQ= Sewing quality.
TPI= Thread per inch.
P= Part.