Factors of Sewing Thread Consumption

Factors of Sewing Thread Consumption
Mayedul Islam
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Sewing Thread:
Sewing threads are basic element of making any kind of apparel so it it highly needed to calculate actual consumption for making any item. Needed quantity of threads for sewing a garment is called thread consumption per piece garment. Now if we multiply by 12 then it is called consumption per dozen. In previous, we have published many articles on sewing thread consumption. Now I will write on factors of sewing thread consumption.
Factors of Sewing Thread Consumption:
Thread consumption depends on following factors: 
  • Thickness of fabric.
  • Plies of fabrics to be sewn.
  • Stitch type.
  • Stitch density.
  • Width of seam.
  • Size of garment.
  • Design of the garment.
  • Automatic thread trimming or manual thread trimming.
  • Skillness of operator.
  • Quality of thread.
  • If there is no signal for bobbin thread finishing or signal of bobbin thread finishing.
  • If order quantity is less or small.
  • If color per order is maximum.
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