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Calculation of Fabric GSM

Calculation of Fabric GSM
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G.S.M Calculation
GSM means grams per square meter. In knitting fabric it is the main parameter. It is controlled by loop length. If loop length increases GSM will decrease and vice versa. It is measured by GSM cutter & electric balance. It may also be calculated as below. 

G.S.M calculation

             s x l x tex
GSM = ……………

             s x l x 590
GSM = ……………

Calculate GSM of fabric from the given data:

  • Total Weight of fabric = 15.5 Kgs
  • Length of fabric = 35 meters
  • Width of fabric in open form = 65 inches

First we will calculate area of the fabric

Fabric length = 35 meters
Fabric width = 65 inches or 1.65 meters

Fabric area = Length x width
= 35 x 1.65
= 57.75 meters square

Weight of 57.75 Meter square is 15.5 kgs or 15500 grams

So weight of one square meter
= 15500 / 57.075

= 268.39 grams per square meter 

Fabric GSM is 268.39 (ANS)