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How to Calculate Embroidery Cost in Garments

How to Calculate Embroidery Cost in Garments?
Noor Ahmed Raaz
Asst. Merchandiser
A.M.C.S Textile Ltd

Embroidery is also a very important section of Apparel sector. Its very essential for decorate a garments. It makes the garments more attractive to us. It has now become more popular and widely used in apparel industry. Maximum order received from buyer, generally exist one or several types of embroidery task. There are many factors to calculate the embroidery charge in garments. Main factors of affecting to calculate cost of embroidery are given below.
Fabric embroidery
Factors Affecting Cost of Embroidery:
When looking to get items custom embroidered a couple factors to consider are product quality and price, size of the design, and number of locations being embroidered. Affecting factors are:
  • Number of stitch
  • Type of embroidery
  • Time require to complete one batch
  • Color of thread
  • Cutting of appliqué (Dice or Laser cutter)
  • Place of embroidery
  • Resource and hand involves in doing embroidery
  • Any restriction on selection on embroidery machine
  • Any compliance requirement
  • Any restriction on use of embroidery thread
  • Any lab test requirement
Calculation of Embroidery Cost:
We know embroidery stitch unit is 12000 stitch but always embroidery factory will not accept any order on stitch if the total handling time is too long due to combination of work with Applique, Patch, Wording etc as such how much time is consumed to complete one batch will dictate the cost.

12000 Stitch = 1 unit in embroidery

For computing the price of embroidery we need to know the following information first and consider some parameters:

1) Stitch quantity of the design. Say, it is 8000
2) Rate of per unit. (its may vary depends on the design, also avail ability of factory). Say, it is $0.25/unit.

At first we will find out the unit per dozen. (Stitch qty X 12 / 12000)

Rules: = (Stitch quantity X 12 ) / 12000 X Rate per unit
= 8000 X 12 / 12000 X $0.25
= 96000 / 12000 X $0.25
= 8 X $0.25
= $2.00/dozen