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Calculation of Fabric Production

Calculation of Fabric Production
Rofiquzzaman Raju
Fabric Technologist,
B.J.Group, Mawna, Gazipur

Fabric production is the ultimate goal in weaving and knitting. For increasing productivity, production manager has to apply different formula. In this article I have given a few formulas which will be helpful for fabric manufacturing students and professionals.

Formula for Fabric Production Calculation:

                                                Motor pulley diameter
1. Loom speed = Motor RPM x -------------------------------------
                                                Loom pulley diameter

                                               Actual production
2. Loom Efficiency %age = --------------------------------- x 100
                                            Calculated production

                                            Yarn weight - Dryed yarn weight
3. Moisture Regain %age = ------------------------------------------------ x 100
                                                       Dryed yarn weight

                                          Yarn weight - dried yarn weight
4. Moisture Content %age = ------------------------------------------------ x 100
                                                        Yarn weight

                                       Total ends x Tape length in metre
5. Warp weight in Kg. = ------------------------------------------------------
                                            1693.6 x Warp count

                                      RS in centimetres x Coth length in metres x PPI
6. Weft weight in Kg. = -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                                  4301.14 x Weft count

                                            EPI                 PPI
7. Cloth weight in GSM = ----------------- + ----------------- x 25.6
                                        Warp count     Weft count

                                              GSM (Grams per sq. metre)
8. Oz (Ounce) per sq.yard = ------------------------------------------

Material measurement :
For calculating of length of any rolled fabrics :

      0.0655 (D - d) (D + d)
L = -------------------------------


L = Length of material (feet)
t = Thickness of fabrics (inches)
D = Outside diameter (inches)
d = Inside diameter (inches)

Weight of yarn in a cloth :

The weight of cloth manufactured on loom depends upon the weight of yarns in the warp and weft : ends/inch, picks/inch and the weight of size on the warp.

Therefore, Cloth weight = Weight of warp + Weight of weft + Weight of size (All in lbs.)

                                                      Total No. of Ends x Tape length in yds.
Where as Weight of warp in lbs = --------------------------------------------------------------
                                                              840 x Warp yarn count

Also Weight of weft in lbs. =

   Length of cloth (yds) x Picks/inch in cloth x Reed width (inch)
= ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                           840 x Weft yarn count